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LVT Installation

Glue-Down vs Floating


LVT flooring El Paso, TX

Luxury vinyl tile (or LVT flooring) has quickly become a popular flooring option in homes and other residences because of its blend of style and performance. LVT, for example, gives you the opportunity to have the looks and textures of hardwood in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms with moisture. Currently, each LVT flooring option seems to be grouped by the two major installation options: glue-down and floating. Which is right for you?



Glue-Down Installation


The glue-down installation method is certainly the more traditional option. With this method, the luxury vinyl tiles are glued down to the subfloor with a special adhesive. The tiles can either be fully-bonded to the subfloor (meaning that adhesive is applied to the entire floor) or perimeter-bonded (meaning that adhesive is applied to only the perimeter of the floor). Most homeowners opt for perimeter-bonding because the vinyl tiles can more easily be replaced if necessary.



We recommend the glue-down method in areas with heavy foot traffic (such as commercial areas) or with other potential impacts. Also, only the glue-down method can handle rolling traffic.



Floating Installation



The floating installation method, which is sometimes called the click method, is available with many new LVT options. The vinyl tiles attach together (“click” together) and remain in place over the subfloor without any adhesive. One of the major benefits of the floating method is that the surface will likely be free from any gaps in between the tiles. In addition, installing using the floating method tends to be relatively quick and less messy.



For the most part, floating LVT floors are best-suited in residential areas because they tend to be more comfortable underfoot.



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