Soft Surface

Stylish, soft, and comfortable! Soft surface options such as carpet continue to be a preferred choice.

Our Soft Surface Selection

Choosing a soft surface flooring option like carpet is one of the best ways to add style to your home.  In fact, no other flooring option can simply match carpet's unique combination of style and premium comfort.   

Carpet One El Paso is your local expert when it comes to carpet, so be sure to visit our El Paso, TX store for all of your carpeting needs.


Did you know that in homes, carpet is more popular than any other flooring option?  Homeowners continue to rely on quality carpet for style, softness, and warmth.  But, not all carpets are the same; there are different carpet types you can choose.  Click here to learn more about the different carpet types.

We're proud to have one of the largest selections of carpets in the area.  Take a closer look at some of our Carpet One exclusives:  

Relax, It's...Lees Innovia Bigelow STAINMASTER Tigressa (including Tigressa H2O)

In addition to our Carpet One exclusives, we also offer some specialty brands, including:
Masland Kane Miliken