Laminate Floors

Laminate's durability and affordability

Laminate's Construction

laminate flooring El Paso, TX

Modern day laminate flooring certainly represents a major step up from laminate from the past. Nowadays, laminate looks pretty much exactly like hardwood, stone, or wood. At the same time, laminate floors remain more durable than their natural counterparts, and they’re more affordable as well. 

Laminate is able to replicate natural looks and offer better durability and affordability because of its layered construction. The top layer is called the wear layer, and it offers protection from scratches and impacts. It needs to be cleaned and maintained like hardwood, but the wear layer is definitely more resistant. The second layer, known as the decorative layer, includes a high definition photo of wood, stone, or tile. This layer gives laminate is authentic look. The last two layers, the core layer and the base layer, provide extra support against traffic and even some water resistance.           

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