Engineered Hardwood

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What Is Engineered Hardwood?

engineered hardwood El Paso, TX

Nothing can add luxury and character to your home like a new hardwood floor, but, because of durability concerns, hardwood hasn’t been the most popular option in home settings. Fortunately, most hardwood floors nowadays feature engineered constructions, so they are better-suited for your home. What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood, as you can imagine, gets its name from its special engineered construction. It is made from three to seven layers of wood that are cross-directionally pressed together with a top layer of premium hardwood. The cross-directional layering is particularly important because the wood grains run in different directions. This counteracts wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract. Consequently, engineered hardwood planks are more dimensionally stable than regular hardwood planks. They are less likely to expand and contract when exposed to moisture or humidity, and they also are better-prepared for heavy foot traffic.

Furthermore, engineered hardwood offers greater installation versatility compared to regular hardwood. Engineered wood floors can be installed below, on, and above grade, and most can be installed over underfloor heating systems. Plus, many engineered hardwood options offer gapless installations.

Although engineered hardwood differs from regular hardwood in terms of construction and installation, it looks and feels exactly the same. So, if you want the looks of hardwood in your home but are concerned about durability, engineered hardwood may be your best option!

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