Cork Flooring

A resilient and eco-friendly wood flooring option

Advantages of Cork Flooring

cork flooring El Paso, TX

Hardwood is definitely the most popular wood flooring option, but it isn’t the only option. Visit Carpet One El Paso to check out our selection of cork flooring, a more resilient alternative to hardwood. Cork has been used for flooring for centuries, but it only now has become popular in homes.

Here are 5 reasons to choose cork flooring for your home:

1. Cork flooring has a unique cell structure, so it’s rather flexible and resilient. Most indents will either fully or partially recover. Also, this structure means that cork is warm and soft underfoot compared to hardwood.

2. Cork has special sound reduction qualities, so noisy foot traffic will not be an issue. Also, cork flooring seems to muffle other sounds in a room.

3. Choosing cork flooring usually leads to lower energy costs, largely because cork naturally maintains a comfortable temperature.

4. Like other wood flooring options, cork flooring will not absorb dust or allergens. Plus, it is resistant to insects, microbes, mold, and mildew. Consequently, cork flooring contributes to a healthier living environment.

5. Cork flooring can be sealed and finished like hardwood, so it will resist most scratches and scuffs.

To learn more about cork flooring, be sure to visit our El Paso, TX store today. We’re your neighborhood experts when it comes to wood flooring!