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Picking the Right Commercial Floor

commercial flooring El Paso, TX

Carpet One El Paso has been a leader in commercial flooring projects for years. We know how to handle different types of commercial settings, and we know which flooring options will be most appropriate. We know, for example, that durability and maintenance issues are paramount, especially given the sizes of many commercial settings.  


All businesses, such as restaurants, shopping centers, and medical facilities, must have durable floors. These floors have to withstand regular foot traffic, so the best materials are stable and wear resistant. Floors that aren't durable will need to be fixed frequently, and this can be vert costly.  To ensure long-lasting style and strength, we recommend taking a look at commercial-grade vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring.

General Maintenance

Let's face it: commercial settings are going to get dirty. There will be significant foot traffic on a day to day basis, so the floor will need to be routinely cleaned.  It's therefore important to choose a commercial floor that is relatively easy to clean.  Hard surfaces such as vinyl and porcelain tile are suitable since they will not absorb liquid or dirt.  Only routine sweeping is necessary.  Many carpets are not suitable since they trap dirt and other particles, but there are various commercial carpet choices from which to choose.  

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