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Carpet Cheat Sheet

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Everybody has seen carpet before, so most understand its allure. Carpet is durable, cushioned, nonslip, and available in a variety of styles and colors. But, do most people know how or why carpet possesses these unique traits? In order for you to get a better understanding of carpet and everything it has to offer, it makes sense to highlight the three specific carpet types: cut pile, loop, and cut/loop combination. Think of the following as a carpet “cheat sheet” to help you along the way.  

Cut Pile

Cut pile consists of yarns that are cut at the ends, which gives the carpet a relatively flat and even surface. It is the most popular carpet type in homes, and it also offers a few different unique styles. Velvet carpet is made of straight, low-twisted, non-heat set fibers that make the carpet surface smooth like velvet. Saxony is compiled of yarns that are twisted and heat set, and it is more durable than velvet. Shag carpet is made of long yarns that create a deep pile texture, so it’s only suitable for light to medium traffic areas. Cable looks very similar to shag, but its surface is a little stronger given its thick yarns. Frieze carpet is made of highly twisted tufts and surface curl, and it is suitable for high traffic areas.  


Loop carpet is made from yarns that are looped instead of cut. It is durable and resistant to most soils, so loop is ideal for heavy traffic and commercial settings. With level loop carpet, loops are all the same height, so the surface is smooth and stays strong over time. With multi loop, loops are not the same heights, so there is a patterned effect that hides traffic well but is not as durable.

Cut/Loop Combination

Cut/loop combination is as it sounds: some yarns are cut and some are looped. This combination creates a unique surface texture that is slightly less durable than the others but offers color blends that hide soil and traffic patterns. Random shear is compiled of cuts and loops at different heights, which creates a luxurious surface. Similarly, tip shear has cuts and loops of differing heights, but there is a pattern that leads to a less pronounced texture. Level combination is made of cuts and loops of the same height.  

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