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Tigressa H2O's built-in carpet protector

Tigressa H2O

carpet protector El Paso, TX

What is the best way to keep your carpet clean and dry? Well, some sort of carpet protector certainly would help. Tigressa H2O has its own built-in protector, a special thermoplastic backing. This backing acts as a barrier against stains and liquids, so Tigressa H2O is one of the most stain resistant and durable carpets available today. 

Tigressa H2O’s thermoplastic backing is truly revolutionary. It keeps liquids from reaching the carpet padding and subfloor, and this gives you the opportunity to wipe up spills even if you do not see them right away. Moreover, the backing ensures that liquids do not promote the growth of mold and mildew beneath the carpet. The special backing system also is lightweight, flexible, and easy to install.         

There is more to Tigressa H2O than the thermoplastic backing. The carpet is designed to combat household odors, something that is helpful in homes with pets and children. Odors dissipate 6x more quickly than with the average carpet, and odors are completely eliminated in about 30 minutes. Tigressa H2O is also specially designed to maintain its appearance. Compared to the average carpet, Tigressa H2O is resistant to fuzzing 4x longer and pulling 5x longer.